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We help you with any maintenance task so that your home is always ready and without surprises.
This service can be contracted on a specific basis, or through a medium or long-term maintenance contract, in which we will make sure that having a perfect home is easy for you. It is also lent to companies, premises or public entities.
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Traditional Laundry

Complete laundry service so that you have more quality time.
We offer you water cleaning, dry cleaning and ironing. Are you a tourist rental management and maintenance company? It has the Niu Express laundry service and offers a more complete experience to your customers
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Self-Service laundry

Looking for a quick and easy laundry solution? Whether you live in the Vall d'Aràn, or if you are passing through, we offer you our self-service laundry service.
Ideal for Nordic, ski garments or as a solution to those homes without a washing machine and / or dryer.

We have modern and cozy facilities that include 4 high-capacity washers and 3 high-performance dryers.

The service includes detergent and fabric softener, so you can use the machines without complications.

Open every day from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
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Management of tourist apartments

Do you have an apartment but can't keep up with maintenance? Do you want to start in the tourist rental? Stop losing opportunities and get more out of your property.
We offer you a check-in & check-out service that fully adapts to your needs so that your tenants enjoy a fantastic stay.

It includes:
Key custody | Boiler ignition | Control of the facilities | Gardening / firewood
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Everything you need to maintain your home

With Niu Express living as you want is easy and uncomplicated because we take care of everything for you

Do you lack time and you don’t want to, and you can’t do everything?

There are people who find it stressful not to get to everything, or to have their tasks up to date.

If you feel that you are missing out on opportunities to get more out of your home and enjoy your space much more, we are here for you!

At Niu Express, we want to make your life easier


Hello, I am Rosa Piñero, director of Niu Express. I am from Venezuela, but I have been living in the Vall d’Aràn for the last 18 years.

I started Niu Express because I am motivated by the well-being of others, as well as my own, and, after more than 12 years experience, this has given me the possibility of helping other households to find solutions tailored to their needs in a privileged environment like this one.

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Do you have more questions about our services?


Communication and transparency is our maxim.

So that you have no doubts, here we have compiled some of the most frequent questions we receive from our clients.

General cleaning, in addition to homes or apartments, is also carried out in offices, communities, businesses, hotels, etc.

< p> In addition, we offer a final cleaning service for buildings and homes.

There are two options.

1 – You can hire the cleaning service for specific moments, such as if you want to do a thorough cleaning before the winter season.

< p> 2 – Or something more recurrent, for example in key custody, in which once a week, or a month (depending on your needs), the house is cleaned. Be it from the most basic, to a complete cleaning so that everything is always kept in the best possible condition and that you can enjoy a cozy home to the fullest.

Each client is a different world so we try to adapt to it and offer the best experience. In the case of cleaning homes and apartments, you are likely to find yourself in one of three situations:

– You need a tune-up.
– You want to have an ally just for the winter season.
– Or you would like to live quietly without worrying about your apartment throughout the year.

In any case, we have adapted our services so that you only have to decide when and we will know what to do next!

In the management of apartments, the custody of keys, the ignition of the boiler, the general inspection during the months of absence or the verification of facilities and supplies are included as essential tasks.

In addition, There are options to also include cleaning, laundry, with home collection and delivery, repair of breakdowns and the supply of firewood.

All this can be customized at the time of hiring so that you only have of what is truly important to you.

Nothing more than living quietly and enjoying the benefits of having a vacation rental, throughout the year.

With this service, we take care of everything you need so that your tourist apartment is Always find it in the best conditions and your tenants can enjoy their stay to the fullest.

For this, the service includes the preparation of the apartment before the rental. Cleaning, review of supplies and maintenance of the facilities.

Before entering the apartment, we take care of the ignition of the boiler and do the client’s check-in, at the agreed meeting point. We explain in detail what they will find in the apartment and also, we help them solve any other need you may have, for example information about the Vall d’Aràn.

In addition, we will take care of attending you during Your entire stay and we will be the ones in charge of any breakdown or problem that arises in the apartment, to give you a quick and professional solution.

That is, you will not have to worry about anything. Because after the tenants’ check-out, we take care of cleaning and refitting the apartment until the next tenants arrive.

Of course. Niu Express wants to be by your side, so if you need more personalized attention to discuss prices or any other service you need, we are here to answer you!

Simply fill out the form that you will find on this page , below, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Are you looking for reliable domestic services?

Here you will find much more than you expect

We make any of the solutions that we have presented adapt to you.

So, if you want to request a quote, or ask us any questions about other services and tasks that we can offer you, fill out the form and we will reply to you within approximately 48 hours.

In addition, you can write to us directly telling us your case and what you need at hola@niuexpress.com

Or contact us at the following telephone number: 973 112 694.
From Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

If any urgency arises, send us a WhatsApp on the phone: 638 810 554

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